First Words: Learning Animals

★ “First Words: Learning Animals” is the first educational and Nr. 1 paid "kids + family" application for WP7, that helps children learn the letters, their names, how they form words and spelling. ★

★ Unique Features ★
✓ Unique list of thumbnails to explore all the animals.
✓ Three different hint alternatives (color hints, letter hints and color and letter hints).
✓ 32 bit per pixel support.

★ Also Available ★
✓ “First Words: Learning Vehicles”
✓ “First Words: Learning Shapes and Colors”
✓ Spanish, French, Italian, German and Greek adaptations of “First Words: Learning Animals”
✓ French and German adaptations of “First Words: Learning Vehicles”

❖ Briefly
"First Words: Learning Animals" is not just another game but a sophisticated and powerful multi-sensory educational tool that also provides hours of fun and laughter through exceptional animations and sound effects. You can use the three different hint alternatives (color hints, letter hints and color and letter hints) combined with four more settings to adjust the level of difficulty, challenging your child.

❖ Features
✓ Learn the names of letters, words and how to spell.
✓ Learn to recognize letters (upper and lowercase) and match them to words.
✓ Unique navigation that allows the child to explore all the animals.
✓ Tap the image of the animal to discover its sound and learn its name.
✓ User interface specifically developed for children fingers.
✓ Engaging and colorful artwork with amazing sound effects and animations.
✓ Studio recording of letters, words and spelling.
✓ 38 different animals and their habitats (full version only).
✓ Five different settings to increase difficulty as children learn.

❖ Support and News  
✓ Questions?: We are here to help, e-mail us at