Math Puppy: Math Activities for Kids

Welcome to "Math Puppy" the kids’ educational app that is revolutionizing how kids learn math. "Math Puppy" is the first educational app that kids do not provide the answer by tapping but instead answer verbally. "Math Puppy" features an awesome animated teaching assistant that presents kids with mathematical problems and listens for their answer. "Math Puppy" also features multiple user profiles, uninterrupted play, a fantastic reward system and support for ten different languages.


● An animated teaching assistant everyone will love "Math Puppy"
● "Math Puppy" asks mathematical problems and listens for the correct answer. If the answer is incorrect "Math Puppy" provides positive reinforcement feedback
● Reward System, as kids answer correctly they win accessories for "Math Puppy" to dress him up
● Four different user profiles, each kid gets their own "Math Puppy" that appear on the live tile.
● Ten different languages supported, configured separately for each player (English - United States, English – United Kingdom, Spanish – Latin/Mexico, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese -Brazilian, and Russian)
● Uninterrupted play through six different math activities:
1) Addition,
2) Subtraction
3) Multiplication
4) Greater than, less than or equal to
5) Fill in the missing number
6) Bubble popping: "Math Puppy" is taking a bath, pop the correct bubble
● Personalized learning, each math activity can be customized separately for each player:
1) Numbers 1 to 10
2) Numbers up to 20
3) Numbers up to 100
● Please note that after three failed attempts to verbally provide the correct answer kids are presented with alternatives to tap the correct answer
● Speech recognition can be turned off individually for each user in user settings
● The language used in the User Interface is configured automatically according to the language setting of your device.
● Do not forget to add “Math Puppy” to kids' corner.