First Puzzles: Animal Kingdom

“First Puzzles: Animal Kingdom” is the first Educational application for Windows 8 that contains 30 puzzles for children to improve their visual perception and develop fine motor skills (our trial version contain a sample of three puzzles)

● 30 Jigsaw and shape puzzles (full version only)
● Star reward system.
● Adaptive Learning
● Three different difficulty levels per puzzle.

“First Puzzles: Animal Kingdom” keeps kids engaged through a fantastic star reward system, where kids earn stars for successfully completing puzzles. Moreover it features adaptive learning, each time a puzzle is completed the difficulty level is automatically adjusted to pose a greater challenge next time around.

● Star reward system, children earn stars as they complete puzzles.
● 30 jigsaw and shape puzzles of Animals organized in five categories according to their habitats (full version only).
● High definition graphics.
● Sound of respective animal is played when the puzzle is completed.
● Positive reinforcement sound effects.
● Children may easily pick up where they left off, or finish a more challenging level they have yet to complete monitoring their own progress.
● Reset button to start all over again.
● Monitor learning information with just one glance.
● Adaptive learning through increased difficulty levels:
○ Level 1: Puzzles pieces not rotated and picture hint.
○ Level 2: Puzzle pieces not rotated and reduced picture hint.
○ Level 3: Puzzle pieces randomly rotated no picture hint (mouse click or use two fingers on touch screen to rotate piece)